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CANSALE offers a wide range of features to manage your daily transactions of your organization,to improve better communication,tracking,control and monitoring of their workforce.

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CANSALE offers a wide range of features with standard functionality.

  • Master Management

    In this section you can manage various information about vendors,task,party etc.

  • Task Management

    In this section you can manage various tasks easily like meeting reminders,events, etc.

  • User Details

    This section contains various records about various type of users like attendance etc.


System View

Internal view of system is here.


Dashboard is a visual display of graphs that contains yearly summary of salesorder, quote, billing etc.


lead is a prospect that needs to be qualified as a real sales opportunity. Once qualified, you convert the lead and the lead becomes an Account and Contact and Opportunity. The Account record is the Company Details The Contact record is the Person Details The Opportunity is the Sales Details.

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A set of quotes is used to show different combinations of products, discounts, and quantities so customers can compare prices.

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A sales order is a seller-generated document that authorizes sale of the specified item(s), issued after receipt of a customer's purchase order.

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This module contains the process of adding opening stock, vendor purchase, purchase return and sale return on the different locations.

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This is the Process of generating an invoice to recover sales price from the customer. This module contains all billing processes like retail billing, billing against so, invoice list and so on.

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It is the process of receiving payments from the parties. it contains all information like payment amount, payment date received from the parties.

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It is the process of creating task to a specified user. After creating task User get alerts through mails, sms and so on .

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It is used to create valid agreement between two parties for a specified period. It is an agreement between two or more parties to perform a service, provide a product or commit to an act and is enforceable by law.

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